2022 MichCDA Elections

Nominations Due June 13 | Elections Jun 14 - 21

It's time to nominate members to the MichCDA Board. If you want to have a say in the new Board, join MichCDA today for just $45 at our Membership Page. and then submit your nominations through this form.

We are looking for nominations for President Elect and Community/Government Representative. You can read the position descriptions below. Nominations are Due on June 13 and the Election will take place between June 14 - 21.

Committee Opportunities
Additionally, there are a few committees needing members to help achieve organizational goals: Membership Committee, Event Committee, and the Communications Committee. When submitting your nominations, be sure to let us know if you’d also like to join a committee.

We need your voices and support to grow MichCDA, expanding to all regions of Michigan. Join us!

Board Position Descriptions

President Elect

  • Collaborates with the President to learn the roles of the President
  • Becomes familiar with the programs of the association and its governance
  • Develops and facilitates officer transition

Community/Government Representative

  • The community/government agency representative works for a nonprofit organization or government entity focused on career development for a population within the general public. 
  • The representative would stay apprised of legislative actions which may affect the organization or the state of career development at large in the state of Michigan.

Private Practice Representative

  • The Private Practice Representative advocates for private practice clinicians and shares insights from both career development and business management perspectives.

Member at Large

  • The Member at Large serves as a representative of the general membership. They will act as the voice of the membership perspective during meetings of the Board where decisions affecting the general membership are made.