2021 MichCDA Elections

Nominations Due May 31 | Elections Jun 14 - 19

It's time to nominate members to the MichCDA Board. If you want to have a say in the new Board, join MichCDA today for just $45 at our Membership Page. and then submit your nominations through this form.

We are looking for nominations for President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Community/Government Representative, Membership Officer, and Member At Large. You can read the position descriptions below. Nominations are Due on May 31 and the Election will take place between June 14 - 19.

Committee Opportunities
Additionally, there are a few committees needing members to help achieve organizational goals: Membership Committee, Event Committee, and the Communications Committee. When submitting your nominations, be sure to let us know if you’d also like to join a committee.

We need your voices and support to grow MichCDA, expanding to all regions of Michigan. Join us!

Board Position Descriptions

President Elect

  • Collaborates with the President to learn the roles of the President
  • Becomes familiar with the programs of the association and its governance
  • Develops and facilitates officer transition


  • Maintain MichCDA Board logistics
  • Schedules board meetings, events, newsletter reminders, etc.
  • Creates board meeting agenda, minutes, action items
  • Sets up virtual meetings and events 
  • Maintains current contact information of board members (include in meeting invites, Google Folder, etc.)
  • Facilitates NCDA Poetry & Art Contest at the state level


  • Reconcile MichCDA Treasury Report monthly
  • Show individual transactions in “Checking Ledger” tabs
  • Categorize/summarize transactions into appropriate Expenses and Income categories

Community/Government Representative

  • The community/government agency representative works for a nonprofit organization or government entity focused on career development for a population within the general public. 
  • The representative would stay apprised of legislative actions which may affect the organization or the state of career development at large in the state of Michigan.

Membership Officer

  • The membership officer will also serve as the chairperson of the Membership Committee. 
  • The committee is charged with increasing the member base of MichCDA, welcoming new members, writing a “Members Corner” portion for the newsletter at least bi-monthly, creating activities, incentives, or other products for the general membership, monitoring concerns over membership, and fielding membership questions in the membership@michcda.org website.
  • The membership officer will meet with the board monthly and report on the activities of the committee, seek funding as necessary, present ideas and membership recruitment strategies, and generally participate as a member of the board.

Member At Large

  • The member at large serves as a representative of the general membership.
  • They will act as the voice of the membership perspective during meetings of the Board where decisions affecting the general membership are made.